Saturday, 9 April 2011

Perfect Strangers

Now there are days, and there are days,
A couple, a week, and no more,
Yet enough, to make togetherness feel new.

Then there will be the keeping of watch
Over the many years, and the comings
And goings of days will fade into nothing.

Such is time now, and such will time be then
And not knowing you will be a ritual
I will perhaps grow used to.

And we will perfect strangers then
Like we were perfect lovers once.


Hussain Haidry said...

I liked the last line. "And we will as perfect strangers then,
As we were perfect lovers once."

Reminded me of Sahir Ludhianvi's "Chalo ek baar phir se ajnabi ban jaaye hum dono..." :)

Wanderer said...

Thanks Hussain. that must be due to anxiety of influence since that poem of Sahir's is one of my favourites. thanks for pointing out

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