Tuesday, 6 November 2012


When in stupor I lay awake
In the slow shine of your sun,
As if echoing in a morse code of desire
Two lighthouses shore to shore.

Or perhaps like children in mischief
Flashing torch signals
Across windows framed by the dark--
Beams beyond a timeless night.

I hear you now.


Pallavi said...

I lit a cigarette
But, I burnt the match
It billowed out with a tortured sigh
and the smoke that left; it carried the last of you
turned you around in tiny whisps
stopped a second and disappeared.

It took you with it
and rubbed you out
but, you were pungent and in my eyes
and your shadow smell stayed in the air,
I left you there.

Tiny said...

Oh wow. This is stunning.

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