Monday, 18 February 2008

For Marquez, Neruda, Silko

I have seen the pool
Of your Melancholy
And sought to drown there,
But my own pulled me back
Gasping, I sought words
Of my own
And yours wandered by
For your Loneliness
Has seeped into my breath
And gives mine company
On weary afternoons


italicsblogs said...

have gone thru a few of your poems - I have noticed that the flavor remains the same. You write well, why dont you explore more areas like humor, perhaps?

Sandeep said...

Well written!

I liked these lines the most:

For your Loneliness
Has seeped into my breath
And gives mine company

Do keep posting!

Anonymous said...

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ankcraz said...

well y do ur poems have a melancholic touch to it...

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...
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Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@italicblogs and ankcraz : A poet does not define a poem, the poem define her. So it's not about exploring avenues when it comes to poems, because that would be a betrayal against her own words. And you would not like to betray your own creation, would you? And every genius has an affinity towards melancholy. Sometimes without tears a genius cannot form words. Try reading Elliot and you would form an idea.

@Wanderer : This is for you, one of my oldest poems -

Fast moving cars

Going down
Street lamp glaring with all might
Girls. Girls on a selling spree
Neons, busy.

Dogs from the other car looking at me
People busy to go
Ambitions, fulfillment.
People going far away
Where are they going?
Saw Anna, long time no see!
Where are thou?

Phone, talking endless gibberish
No point talking!
Sarees, mela of colours.
All of us,

Anonymous said...

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