Monday, 13 January 2014

Neologisms, like ‘Love’

It started out, a four-letter-thing
Just another profanity, a pubescent fling.

A ‘crazy’ cultivated irreverence called ‘love’
Among others like ‘cool’ and ‘fuck’ and ‘faff’!

In the beginning, was a hollow gut pain
A quickening and then a long-drawn drain.

Dreary afternoons, and much of the moon
Of nights framed by windows, passing too soon.

A burst of pure feeling, states we didn’t know
Hidden nights, dreamy days, secrets like the big-O.

Now, I am glad we bartered youth and that year
To earn this bare-boned beauty, bought dear.

This thing, we leave nameless, utterly ‘virgin’,
Elusive, we frame it in tangential neologisms.

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Rachit... said...

I stumbled upon this blog by chance, and I felt that leaving this space without letting you know that I read your work would not be appropriate.

I thoroughly enjoyed some of your poems. Good Work!

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