Thursday, 20 December 2007


Shifting from my earlier blog wasn't easy but I suppose it is worth it...and afterall, this is how I am--the eternal itinerant, restless, impatient, a thousand ideas bursting forth in a fountain of enthusiasm to become drops of scattered water resting on the grass, basking in the sun, rising to become memory-clouds. And it seems there's enough space in blogspace for both blogs to co-exist in harmony! here's the link tot he earlier one

So somethings carried over from earlier and a bit of the new. A couplet, a first...
Kisse to kaee hain, tere maey mein doobi
Qalam-syahi ki talaash hai...


Abhinav said...

Welcome to blogspot!!!

Maaz bin Bilal said...

IS the couplet yours too?
n is maey here the sharaab wala maey?or the self?

Wanderer said...

ya, couplet mine.
maey of true inspiration, a certain wisdom that comes with understanding

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